Garage Scotches Rumours After Year Of Trading

Bosses at the Jacksons and Motor Mall garage complex have scotched rumours that have been flying around about the future of the business.

They claim that in fact it’s very much business as usual at the multi-brand car dealership that spans nearly seven acres at Cooil Road, Braddan.

However they do acknowledge there have been some teething problems to find the right people to ‘manage the multi-manufacturer challenges.’

Referring to the after sales operation, Andy Potter, group business development manager, said: ‘Our state-of-the -art after-sales facility houses 20 individual work bays, all equipped with the latest tooling and diagnostic machinery available for each of our 28 manufacturers.

‘But the investment in equipment is only one half of servicing and after sales.

‘Our technical team are all trained by the vehicle manufacturers to ensure they are best equipped to maintain and repair our customers’ vehicles.

‘As well as the technical expertise, providing the best customer service is also paramount to us, and this has been a journey to find the right people, train and up-skill them to be able to manage the multi-manufacturer challenges.

‘Frankly, we haven’t yet got it right all the time, and this has been a huge focus for the whole business.

‘Our feedback from customers and our surveys is improving rapidly as the team settles in and we know we are heading in the right direction, and it’s an area we will keep investing in.’

The £14million development includes two showrooms and after-sales building.

One year after opening their doors for the first time, the Jacksons Group including Motor Mall claim its very excited about the future.

Group operations director Paul Kell said: ‘The last 12 months have flown by and we’re delighted with the success during this time.

‘The support from the local community has been really encouraging and the work and effort that our team have put in to establish the business has been immense.’

To mark the first anniversary, the company held a special sales event, which went down well.

Mr Kell said there are various announcements on the way soon, including a new sponsorship agreement followed by the opening of a new (luxury car brand) Aston Martin facility.

Head of business Jon Williams said internal investment, particularly on staff and training has been an important part of the group’s focus on ‘exceptional customer experiences.’

Mr Williams said: ‘We are the only main dealer in the Isle of Man for 28 of the world’s best manufacturers.

‘To properly manage this diversity, we have invested heavily in training our specialists to be thoroughly knowledgeable in all of these brands so that we can best advise customers on their unique requirements.

‘We have expert transaction managers who can help with information on how to finance, insure and maintain your new vehicle. Whether it is a new or used car, new or used van or a new or used motorcycle, we can provide the solution. Similarly, we can provide full leasing solutions including contract hire for private or business.

‘We’ve also brought a whole new world of opportunity for Motability customers and to ensure they receive expert help and support to purchase the best vehicle for their needs, our team includes a specialist Motability expert, Sharne Bradley, who has 10 years of expertise in this particular specialist area.’

Mr Williams added: ‘We’re very excited about the future with over 30 new vehicles from our manufacturers being launched this year, including the new Porsche 992, Aston Martin Varekai, VW T-Cross, Hyundai Kona Electric, BMW X7, Skoda Scala, Renault Clio, Audi Q4, BMW 1 Series, Mercedes-Benz B Class and many more.

‘As devoted car enthusiasts, we’re looking forward to welcoming and hosting car club events from supercar owners to classic car clubs, motorcycle ride-outs to EV (electric vehicle) events during the next year.’

‘Our feedback from customers and our surveys is improving rapidly as the team settles in and we know we are heading in the right direction, and it’s an area we will keep investing in.’

Source: IOM Today