Politicians To Get A 32% Allowance Rise For Visits To London

Tynwald members and public officials are set to receive a whopping increase in maximum daily allowances when they visit London or destinations outside the UK.

The £63 increase to the higher rate of daily subsistence allowance takes it to a maximum of £218, compared with the current figure of £165 – although that dates back to 2007. It applies to destinations inside the M25 and outside the UK, including the Channel Islands and Ireland.

A Treasury spokesman explained the increase.

‘The previous government circular set the higher rate of subsistence allowances at £165 per person per night, with £127 allocated for booking accommodation,’ he said.

‘An assessment of the market rate for appropriate hotels in central London revealed that the rate of £127 was insufficient to cover accommodation costs in the majority of cases.’

That assessment was ‘corroborated’ by the feedback from government departments.

The new subsistence allowances, which come into operation on May 1, are payable to Tynwald members, officials, members of the Isle of Man public service and ‘other such persons as the Treasury may direct’.

The daily allowances apply for business trips that cover at least 24 hours and involve a need for accommodation. The higher rate of £218 covers the first seven days of a trip, dropping to £174 per day for any longer.

The lower rate, at £120 per day for the first seven days and £93 beyond that, remains unchanged from the current level. That applies to visits anywhere in the UK outside of London.

However, the order stresses that these are maximum amounts in all cases.

In terms of flights, business travel where the flying time is four hours or below, authorisation will only be given for economy class flying. Permission to fly business class may be given for flights that are longer.

For trips that involve a return on the same day, up to £35 can be claimed for meals if they include lunch and an evening meal.

For business absences from the normal workplace in the Isle of Man, the meal allowance is kept at the same as now, £6.70 for one meal required and £13.40 if two are needed.

The circular setting out the increases will be laid before Tynwald next week.

Source: IOM Today