KFC Drive-Through Plans Are Amended

Plans for KFC and Starbucks drive-throughs on Peel Road have been amended following concerns from planners and highways services.

The plans (18/00977/B) have been criticised by residents, health professionals and politicians, citing health reasons, noise pollution and an increase in traffic causing delays on Peel Road.

The amendments largely focused on issues raised by highways services from the Department of Infrastructure.

Among the concerns include the need for a road collision report from 2013 to 2018 for the vicinity of the former Eurocars site.

According to the amended application, there has been no incidents relating to vehicles entering or exiting the proposed site while there have only been two ‘shunt’ collisions between two cars on the road in the vicinity of the site.

Buchanan Services Ltd, which has submitted the application, said it believes concerns over cars backing up onto the road are unfounded as KFC will have room for 20 cars to wait and the end of the queue line is 33 metres from the Peel Road entrance.

Starbucks would have 13 queue spaces and be located 80 metres away from Peel Road, while both will have two ‘order waiting spaces’.

The plans also stated that the space provided in the KFC drive-through will include ‘sufficient capacity’ to handle the highest expected number of customers (36) and if the queue reaches too long, it is anticipated that customers would park and enter the store.

It is anticipated that the average waiting time for KFC customers to be served would be three-and-a-half minutes.

Highways officers were also concerned the plans only contained one delivery bay for the two stores and queried when the deliveries would be made.

Buchanan Services stated most deliveries would be planned for ‘outside opening hours’ while admitting a plan has not yet been devised for when this would be.

The amended bid does not include the requested data for similar businesses, with the example of McDonald’s given by highways officials.

The reason given for this is the difference of usual opening hours and the types of food on offer meaning the two have ‘significantly different operating characteristics’.

It is later stated that this development will ‘take trips away from McDonald’s’ and therefore should decrease the impact McDonald’s has on the road, which was recently described by leader of Douglas Council David Christian as ‘completely backlogged’ at busy times.

Source: IOM Today