Manx Labour Party – One Man And His Dog?

The Manx Labour Party is far from a ‘one man band’, according to the party’s secretary.

Sara Maltby is keen to dispel the assumption that her father, and party leader David Cretney MLC is the sole driving force behind the organisation.

The party has seen its membership double in the last year to forty-five members. They meet regularly to conduct party business, form policy and plan for elections.

Mrs Maltby says members play a key role in charting the direction of the party, with some taking the lead in many areas, including the development of a new policy document.

The party is keen to boost it’s membership and recruit potential candidates to stand ahead of the local authority election in 2020 and the general election in 2021.

It follows a series of informal sessions held around the Island where the MLP has sought the public’s views on a range of issues to help develop its stance.

Local Democracy Reporter Ewan Gawne spoke to Mrs Maltby about the assumption that Manx Labour is simply ‘one man and his dog’:


Source: Energy FM