Landmark Post Office Sold For £1M To Investor

The home of the former Crown post office in Douglas has been sold for £1.05m.

New owner James Thompson, of Thompson Holdings Ltd, says he has exciting plans for the Regent Street landmark.

Precisely what plans these are have yet to be unveiled.

The property went on the market in June last year after the crown post office was converted to a sub agency and relocated to Strand Street in August 2016.

Since then, the building has been left vacant.

Mr Thompson moved to the island four years ago from Northern Ireland, having spent a very successful time in the worldwide aerospace industry, and has invested in properties and various businesses here.

He said: ‘The Manx people are such fabulous people and that is why I also want to continue to invest in the community.

‘There have been many possible opportunities that have caught my eye since I fell in love with the island and we have been lucky enough to be successful with a few of these already.

‘This iconic building built in 1886 captured my interest more than any other and you only have to look at it in its prime location along with its history to understand why.’

Thompson Holdings Limited is currently in discussions with various parties about the renovation and future for the property.

Isle of Man Office Post Office chief executive Simon Kneen said: ‘The Regent Street building has been a part of our property portfolio for a very long time during which many customers will have visited it to transact their postal business.

‘But we no longer have the need for such a large building in the centre of Douglas.

‘We wish Thompson Holdings Limited every success as its new owner and for the plans they have for it.’

The post boxes at the Regent Street building are now no longer in operation.

Nearest alternative posting facilities available are located at Douglas Post Office on Strand Street, Granville Street, Market Hill and the Sea Terminal.

Source: IOM Today