Food Label & Butcher’s Charter Help Shoppers Pick Out Manx Produce

A new food provenance label and a Butcher’s Charter are helping shoppers to identify Manx produce on shop shelves, boosting the economy.

The provenance label, featuring the outline of the Island and the Three Legs of Mann, was launched by the Chief Minister in May.

It honoured an election pledge and marked a major milestone in the delivery of the Department of Environment, Food and Agriculture’s Food Matters strategy.

This week, the 400th local product adopted the label. Local meat, dairy and baked products, fruit and vegetables, preserves, eggs, beer and gin now all bear the distinctive label.

More than four fifths of those who attended the recent Isle of Man Food & Drink Festival were aware of the label and even more agreed it would boost sales of local produce.

The Butcher’s Charter and butcher’s signage was launched at the Royal Manx Agricultural Show in August, and five butchers are already signed up.

The charter demonstrates their commitment to selling local meat and accompanying counter signage identifies the farms products come from.

Geoffrey Boot MHK, Minister for Environment, Food and Agriculture, said: ‘Our food and drink sector is worth £93 million to our economy, supports jobs and contributes to us being such a special place to live, work and visit.

‘Manx labelling is helping shoppers to pick out local produce from imported produce and trust its origin, further boosting local sales.

‘It is encouraging that there has been such a good early take up of both the provenance label and the Butcher’s Charter and I hope more prducers and retailers adopt it.’

Food and drink producers and butchers can apply via

to use the label or charter.

For inquiries about the label and charter, visit the website, email or ring 01624 695735.